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Kirk Edge  Sheffield

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"This house is a heaven, if one can be had on earth. It is a very happy life for anyone who is pleased with pleasing God and makes no account of her own pleasure"........St. Teresa

"In desiring anything more everything is lost because nothing more can be had"
...St Teresa

We have only to find a place where we can be alone and look upon Him present within us.
                                                                                 St. Teresa  - The Way of Perfection

However quietly we speak, He is so near that He will hear us
                                           St. Teresa  - The Way of Perfection

"It was a help to me to look on the fields and flowers;  in them I saw traces of the Creator."
                                               ................St Teresa

"There is nothing but God everywhere; we breathe Him, we see Him, the prospect widens before me every day."

.                                                                    .......Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity O.D.C

"In the garden and in the cloister, indeed everywhere He is so truly present that it seems as if we were separated only by a thin veil, and He was on the point
of appearing."

 .......Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity O.D.C

"Everything thrilled me,  
our little cell above all
filled me with joy."

....St. Thérèse of Lisieux - when she entered Carmel

"On Sundays, or on other days if necessary, you  shall treat of the observance of the Rule and salvation of souls."    

                    .... on Chapter Rule 9

"In the refectory we eat what the Lord sends us without worrying about it;and His Majesty sees to it that we lack nothing."
                                                                    .............St. Teresa

The path to our final resting place.

The just are in the hands of God

If we live in this Divine Hand
Our last hour will be
No more than the
Drawing away of a veil
Separating us
From the vision of    GOD

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