Carmelite Monastery

Kirk Edge  Sheffield

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Our Life

Seven times a day we come together to recite the Divine Office.

The prayer of the Church, hymns, psalms, readings from the Scripture.

Prayers for the needs of all the world.
Divine Office

Divine Office Our monastery chapel is separated by a grille from the main chapel so that we can see the sanctuary and share the Holy Mass with the general public
                              Photograph by JFR
Our Carmelite Monasteries have been called "Powerhouses of Prayer." The essence of Carmel is union with God by means of prayer and penance. This union becomes a  Channel of Grace whereby God reaches out to other souls.

This life of prayer and union with God is a hidden life of faith. It is a life of deep simplicity
                              Photograph by JFR

The Holy Rosary, the Litany of Our Lady and the Angelus Domini will be prayed in community every day.

.....Constitutions 203

The Prioress should provide the Sisters with good books, for such reading is not less necessary for the nourishment of the soul than food is for the body.                     Constitutions 1990

At two o'clock in the afternoon None is recited, after which they shall have spiritual reading.          Constitutions 1990

To be a channel of grace for souls a Carmelite must fix her gaze  on GOD alone.