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"There shall be ample ground so that the Religious may build some hermitages to which they may retire for prayer after the example of our Holy Father."
                     Constitutions 65

Saint Teresa reminds her daughters -

"That the manner of life for Carmelites is not only to be Nuns, but also Hermits."

St. Teresa
....The Way of Perfection


Solitude The eremetical spirit is of prime importance for the Carmelite whose whole aim is to live with heart and soul dedicated to God. 
                          Photography by JFR
A solitary life...........

.............but not a lonely life     

As a Carmelite is so often alone, Our Holy Mother, St. Teresa tells us to look for a companion. The very best Companion is He who taught us to say,       "Our Father".

When no one listens to me any more
God still listens to me
When I can no longer talk to anyone
I can always talk to God
When there is no longer anyone to help me
He can help me
When I am plunged into complete solitude
If I pray I am never totally alone.
Pope Benedict  XV1          Spes Salve