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Kirk Edge  Sheffield

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God has touched the soul of a Carmelite and she is aware that He is calling her to give herself wholly to Him as a complete gift. With faith and trust she responds, "Here I am, Lord, I come to do Your Will". God has put into her heart a longing for a closer union with Himself than is possible for her in the "world"  It drives her to leave family, possessions, the possibility of marriage and children or career, for the one thing necessary, to possess God in the closest union that is possible here on earth. In truth a Carmelite is no longer her own, she did not choose God but God chose her, and only by a complete gift of herself, her will, her mind and her heart, can she find true fulfilment and a peace and joy that the world will never give her.


The Carmelite vocation is a special vocation to seek and find God in Contemplative Prayer. Thus, everything in our life is orientated to that end. Our complete separation from the world, our high walls, the grilles in our Church and in our parlours, our silence, our simple manual work, the absence of radio and television, all these have one object, to provide the atmosphere where God can more easily give the gift of Contemplative Prayer.

As she is aware that God alone can satisfy her soul she is drawn to the eremitical life just as the hermits of old sought God in the desert. In our time this is not possible, but in Carmel she finds a desert where life is monotonous, hidden and laborious. She brings into this life her good will, but also her deep seated tendences to evil too. Selfishness, pride, love of comfort, etc. Keeping close to God each day, and sharing the life with companions whom God has also called to Carmel, these imperfections gradually lose their grip. Charity, joy, and peace, take their place in the soul. This is the work of a life time, and in the end we recognise that it is God's own work in the soul.

We are not called to Carmel for ourselves only. Our lives are given for others,especially the leaders of the Church, Priests, and all God's children. Only when Moses, in the desert, lifted up his arms in prayer did the Israelites defeat their enemies, so a Carmelite must keep her eyes on Jesus, our Saviour, for He wishes to make her a channel of grace for others. This is our apostolate, our work in Carmel and our place in the Church

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