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Jesus sacrified Himself for love of us - so, the Carmelite Nun strives to fulfil the First Commandment of the Lord, "You will love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind. Luke "10.27  She does this through the Vows of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity

     Through our vows





                       we unite with


                          in a life of


                     SELF GIVING

This painting of the Crucifixion is included here by permission of the family of the late Betty Elizabeth Barnett.
    The watercolour was painted for her as a gift by her 17 year old son, Barry John Barnett, on Christmas Eve night 1962,
    following a visit to the Carmel of Golders Green, London.

OBEDIENCE Christ became obedient unto death, and so in a spirit of faith and love we obey Our Holy Father the Supreme Pontiff and our Superiors, "Since there is no path which leads more quickly to the highest perfection than that of obedience"    St. Teresa Foundations. 5.10

In order to imitate Christ who being rich made Himself poor for our sake, we renounce the possession of earthly goods and lead an austere and laborious life depending on our Superiors for the use of goods which we hold in common. We trust in Divine Providence for our sustenance and help ourselves with the work of our hands. When we are able, we give to the poor and needy.       From the Constitutions 1990

The Evangelical counsel of Chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven frees the heart that it may be more and more inflamed in love of God and for all the People of God. Our Holy Mother St. Teresa reminds us constantly of our glorious title of Spouses of Jesus Christ who is the treasure hidden in the field of the soul. In Him we will live united to our brothers and sisters and will find that profound peace, and that joyful, pleasant, chaste, pure, spiritual, glad and loving knowledge of God which the pure in heart find in all things. St. John of the Cross Ascent 111 26.6.        From the Constitutions 1990
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                   My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.