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Kirk Edge  Sheffield

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                                       CARMEL IS ALL MARY'S  

        Carmel is an imitation of Our Lady's life on earth, hidden and intercessory. She who had the greatest power over the
        heart of Jesus, obtained by her request His first public miracle. He could refuse her nothing, and her legacy to us her

        children : "Do whatever He tells you", is re-enacted in the daily life of Carmel. What He tells us to do, comes moment
        by  moment  in the following of our Rule, in the ordinary everyday routine  work, and in the trivial events of life. The
        whole motivation in our response to this life of austerity, abnegation and regularity must be love.

What He tells us to do,comes moment by moment in the following of our Rule.

In the ordinary everyday routine work and the trivial events of life.

Our work is all hidden and intercessory,



in the domestic offices,


or in the garden



"each one should try to labour for the support of the others."

Constitutions 57
Photographs by JFR

  hanging out the washing

Work Work

spring cleaning the Chapel.

     Under the Motherly gaze
          Our Blessed Lady
    we place the trivial events  
              of each day,
       our joys, our sorrows,
     in the Eucharistic Chalice
         Our Blessed Lord.